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Does Social Media exacerbates Poverty Porn



Some say social media allows for better education on development issues, that it disrupts the status quo, serving as a platform for better connection between rich and poor and eliminating bureaucratic NGO intermediaries.

They believe it enables "the poor" to participate more easily and more equally in the development debate.

Others say it propagates negative images and misinformation further than ever before, serving to increase divides, marginalize “the poor” and reinforce stereotypes.

They believe social media is making it easier to create meaningless, uninformed and potentially dangerous campaigns and that these lead to slacktivism, apathy or even harm (aka 1 Million Shirts and Kony2012).

Please RSVP to join Teddy RugeLina SrivastavaTom Murphy, and your friends at the Technology Salon as we dig into the issues surrounding social media and “poverty porn” at the first May Technology Salon in New York City.
  Does Social Media Exacerbate Poverty Porn?
  May Technology Salon New York City
  9 –11.00am, Tuesday, May 14, 2013
  New York University
  Woolworth Building Campus
  15 Barclay Street (between Church and Broadway)
  Room W 413
  New York, New York 10007-2702 (map)
  (Closest subway stops: 2/3 to Park Place, E to World Trade Center or N/R to City Hall)
We’ll have coffee, tea and light breakfast for a morning rush, but seating is limited soRSVP ASAP to be confirmed for attendance or you will end up on the waitlist.

For those attending, please arrive 15 minutes early to clear security and be sure to bring photo ID.  

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