Regarding Humanity is produced by a group of professionals whose experience spans humanitarian aid, transmedia storytelling, journalism, service design, academia, ethnography, visual art, and mobile technology.

All of us have faced the challenge of representing communities in our work. We recognize that the questions are many and complex, and that there is a need for a public discussion about ethical representation to shift the focus from aid to agency.

Regarding Humanity strives for a diversity of voices and perspectives from our partners in both Western and developing world contexts.


Lina Srivastava @lksriv

Lina Srivastava


A strategist who combines activism, technology, culture, and storytelling for social impact. Lina is the founder of a social innovation strategy group in New York City, bringing new narrative forms and distribution techniques to human rights and global development initiatives. She is a thought leader in using transmedia storytelling for social change, having created the “Transmedia Activism” framework, and has guided successful campaigns for several documentaries, including Oscar-winning “Born into Brothels," the Emmy-nominated “The Devil Came on Horseback," the Oscar-winning "Inocente," and the Sundance-award winning "Who Is Dayani Cristal?" Lina has worked on strategy and innovation with organizations dedicated to social impact, such as UNICEF, World Bank Institute, UNESCO, MobileActive, VODO, Shine Global, 3 Generations, the Tribeca Film Institute, Donor Direct Action, and BYkids. She is Faculty at the School of Visual Arts Design for Social Innovation MFA program. 

Linda Raftree @meowtree

Linda Raftree


Has worked in community development, participatory media and ICTs from a rights-based approach for the past 15 years. In addition to hands-on work and capacity strengthening efforts with frontline staff and youth, Linda manages Technology Salons in New York City and writes ‘Wait.. What,’ a blog widely read by development practitioners and technologists interested in the intersection of technology and development. Linda is a recognized thought leader who has been listed in The Guardian’s ’20 Global Development Twitterati’, Levo League’s Twitterful List of Women Crucial to Foreign Policy, and Vodafone’s World of Difference list of Top 10 International Development blogs.



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