A multimedia platform to initiate a dialogue about poverty porn and ethics in media

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Lina Srivastava,

Regarding Humanity launches a multimedia platform at to address issues of media representation in aid and development.

In response to recent criticism of media for misrepresenting target communities in international aid, a team of media activists, designers, journalists, artists, lawyers and policy experts convened to launch a multimedia platform, Regarding Humanity.

Targeted at practitioners, educators, and students, the platform is a space to engage in dialogue on how to represent communities in a relevant and respectful approach.

Imagery used to to frame issues of humanitarian development for advocacy and funding is often sensational and culturally disrespectful, representing those in poverty as helpless victims who are in need instead of as empowered and capable people.

Regarding Humanity is comprised of a website and blog, and in the near future will function as a think tank, incorporating a video series, event salon, discussion series, research, and an educational curriculum.

The website sources content from a diverse set of authors, including numerous writers from developing countries, to ensure a truly global perspective. The site will serve as an educational resource and discussion forum to teach visual literacy, the importance of ethnography, and how to maintain narrative integrity.


If you would like more information about this project, or to schedule an interview with members of the team, please email Lina Srivastava at